Air Conditioning Service

Your Service is Our Priority

Snapfreeze’s dedicated service department based in Newcastle are qualified to service all domestic air conditioning, regardless of brand or installer.

In order to comply with ASA Standards, regular maintenance is essential for the maximum efficiency and cleanliness of air conditioning systems and also ensures warranty compliance.

All components of your air conditioning system are thoroughly checked, cleaned and serviced thus ensuring optimum performance.

All work is carried out by Snapfreeze’s own fully qualified and accredited refrigeration and air conditioning technicians.

Service Recommendations

In a domestic application a visit by a service technician once or twice a year is recommended as long as the owner cleans the filters on a regular basis.

Commercial sites may need more regular servicing to maintain unit efficiency

Regular servicing of an air conditioner gives the following advantages

  • Supported prolonged life expectancy of the machine.
  • The maintaining of running costs to a minimum.
  • Ensuring that your manufacturers’ warranty remains valid.
  • Reducing the risk of system failure together with the high cost of breakdown repairs.
  • Minimising the inconvenience and annoyance of system downtime.
  • Assisting in the provision of a cleaner (healthier) environment.

Our standard air conditioning maintenance service includes the following:

  • Clean filters
  • Clear and clean drains
  • Check unit components such as motors, compressor and fans
  • Inspect the condenser coil
  • Refrigerant charge (check)
  • Inspect operation of thermostat
  • Check temperatures and pressures
  • Inspect and test controls and safety devices
  • Test unit operations on heating and cooling to ensure unit is working to its full capacity

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