Newcastle Ducted Air Conditioning

At Snapfreeze Newcastle, we install Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning System which provide discreet air conditioned comfort throughout your entire home or business.

The ducted system can be installed in a new home or business, tailored to suit an existing one, and once installed, only the controller, the return air and discharge grilles are visible inside your home or business.

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioners consist of an indoor and outdoor unit and flexible ducting. The indoor unit is concealed out of sight, in your ceiling or under the floor, with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air through vents located throughout your home. An outdoor unit is positioned in a discreet location outside.

What does zoning mean?

A ducted air conditioner offers the flexibility to cool or heat every room in your home or business.
Zoning maximises energy efficiency as well as your comfort.

If you just want the bedrooms on in the night other areas of the home can be switched off and vice versa during the day.

You have the choice to control what areas are operational.

Ducted Heat Pump Technology

Daikin Ducted air conditioning systems provide comfort throughout your entire home, and with Daikin’s advanced technologies, you can be sure that not only will your ducted air conditioning keep your home at the perfect temperature year round, but it will also operate efficiently.

Inverter Technology

A Daikin inverter has advanced technology that operates more intelligently. It adjusts the power to suit your actual requirements – no more, no less.  It also adjusts the temperature in accordance with that of the room, ensuring it’s constantly maintained, keeping you comfortable while running more efficiently.


DC Fan Motor

Daikin indoor units are equipped with a variable speed high efficiency DC fan motor.  By utilising high power permanent magnets instead of the induced magnetism of conventional AC motors, Daikin’s DC motor can deliver significantly higher efficiency.  The DC motor control system can also be set to one of 15 different fan speed ranges to allow your installer to precisely match the airflow to your ducting configuration.

Reluctance DC motor

Daikin’s Reluctance DC motor uses powerful neodymium magnets that are 10 times stronger than conventional ferrite magnets, delivering more torque from a compact design.

Scroll Compressor

Daikin’s scroll compressors are quieter and more efficient than conventional compressors thanks to their high pressure dome construction, minimising heat loss, and the use of high pressure lubrication oil, reducing thrust losses.  Combined, these features result in improved efficiency and reduced operating noise levels.

Swing Compressor

In contrast to a rotary compressor, the smooth operation of Daikin’s patented swing compressor reduces frictional losses, improving both the efficiency of the compression process and overall system reliability.  Swing compressors also suppress vibration, resulting in a more durable, more efficient and quieter compressor.

DC Sine Wave Inverter

Daikin outdoor units now feature DC Sine Wave Inverter Technology, for smoother motor rotation, resulting in both lower operating noise levels and improved energy efficiency.

Saw Edge Fan Blades

Developed to further enhance the efficiency of Daikin’s fan blades, a saw edge indentation at the rear of the blade smoothes air flow over the blade surface, reducing turbulence which in turn reduces energy loss and operating noise levels.



Made in Australia

Daikin designs and manufactures all ducted indoor units, with the exception of the FDXS series, here in Australia at Daikin’s state of the art Sydney manufacturing facility. Daikin’s indoor units are specifically designed for installation into tight roof spaces, separating into two sections so they can be more easily manoeuvred into place through narrow openings.


Synchronous Technology

Daikin ducted air conditioners are designed by Daikin from the ground up.  Unlike some other air conditioners made from ‘off the shelf’ components from a variety of different suppliers, Daikin air conditioners use only Daikin compressors, heat exchangers, electronics, radial fans and other components specifically designed by Daikin Engineers to work in perfect harmony.

Cross-Pass Heat Exchanger

Daikin’s Cross-Pass Heat Exchanger crosses refrigerant flows from two directions, reducing temperature hot-spots for more efficient operation and enhanced performance compared to single-pass heat exchangers.